We know that the best conferences are immersive—and that, because they are immersive, even the smallest details can transform the experience. When we produce your conference, we apply our design expertise to every aspect of your event. We'll develop a theme and curate the guest speakers, and we enliven everything from the keynote presentation to the lunch menu; ensuring the conference objectives are met. We also love to add details that delegates might not expect: sculptural installations, theatrical elements, and making-of-the-conference documentaries, just to name a few. We give an unusual level of attention to handouts, downloads, and videos—anything that helps your conference have an impact that lasts well beyond the final day.


  • Naming
    Developing a name for the event that inspires the attendees and goes beyond the usual ‘Annual Sales Meeting’ descriptor
  • Theming
    Bringing the name to life with a theme that runs as a thread throughout the event and influences the look and feel
  • Logo Design
    Combining the name with theme in a visual lock-up
  • Logo Animation
    Bringing the logo to life digitally so that it can intro and outro key elements of the agenda
  • Program Development/Design
    Developing a plan that delivers against your business objectives for the event
  • Guest Speakers
    Finding the right people to inspire and engage the audience
  • Microsite
    Creating an online resource for delegates prior to the event
  • Invitations
    Getting delegates excited about the event long before it actually starts
  • Logistics (Planning)
    Coordinating all the nuts and bolts to ensure a smooth running session
  • Punk Presentations
    Working with the presenters to make sure their presentations pack a creative punk
  • Branded Collateral
    Designing all the materials the delegates will need during and after the event
  • Sculptural Installations
    Building site-specific art pieces to bring the theme to life
  • Videos/Animations
    Creating anything from a high energy welcome video to mini movies to run during the breaks


  • Logistics (execution)
    Stage-managing the event to keep the show on the road
  • Filming
    Capturing everything that happens onstage and off it
  • Team Building Sessions
    Designing and running high-energy activities that bring people closer together
  • Interactive Activities
    Bringing key content to life to help the learnings stick
  • Experimental Theater
    Adding moments of drama throughout the event to challenge the expected


  • Documentation
    Curating all the output from the event in a way that adds the most value
  • Footage Edit
    Creating everything from full-length features to cut down sequences
  • Microsite
    Uploading the content from the event for easy access and reference
  • Shareable Pamphlets
    Designing and publishing documents and handouts
  • Follow-ups
    Working to ensure that the event echoes long after it wraps