When it comes to creative projects, everybody gets stuck sometimes. That's where Ideas-Over-Night comes in. You hand us a challenge—any challenge—and we specially assemble a team of strategists, artists, thinkers, and designers from around the world, who embark on a blitz of researching and brainstorming. We then send back a bundle of novel ideas and inspiring examples, all at lightning speed. In the past, we've applied this method to all sorts of challenges, from designing the packaging for a chocolate bar to developing a new kind of frozen fish dinner. It's a win-win situation: our clients get fresh perspectives from diverse and unconventional thinkers. And we get the chance to apply our curious minds to new puzzles.
  • Gerber, Nestle, etc.
  • Product Idea Creation
  • 2013
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  • We've come up with ideas for chocolate, baby food, ...